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Natural Mind and Love: Healing from the Inside Out

with James Sacamano
January 20 / 2:00 PM - January 20 / 5:00 PM

Opening Talk

Illness and problems of all sorts are doorways to the healing wisdom in our core. Fear blocks those doors and love opens them up. When we know how to work with fear and love, we know how to walk through those doorways to bring inner health out to our life. We can walk a healing path in life.

Experiencial Workshop

In this workshop we will explore the four dimensions of embodied mindfulness—lying, standing, walking and sitting—as tools that we can use to go through our fears to the healing love we all have within. We can then use the essence of these postures to express health in daily life. These are some of the earliest teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, and in our age of accelerating change and information overload, are more important than ever.

This workshop will be a collaborative exploration of these basic dimensions of natural health in our being, both in our ongoing experience and as an overall format for mapping the healing paths we need in life.

About the Presenter

James Sacamano has practiced emergency medicine and psychiatry since 1969.  He became a student of acclaimed Buddhist meditation master and founder of the Shambhala Training program, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in 1971 and served as representative of Trungpa Rinpoche to centers in Berkeley, California and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He has taught meditation to students, patients, and organizations throughout the United States and Canada and to psychotherapists at conferences of the American and Canadian Psychiatric Associations. 

Dr. Sacamano has recently published his first book, Getting Back to Wholeness: The Treasury of Inner Health and the Power of a Meaningful Life.

This book presents a global approach to the integration of meditation and all forms of healing, including the use of standard, western healing methods. Presenting an inclusive understanding of mind and healing, the book takes advantage of the healing power inherent in all normal, daily life human activities. This provides a platform for working on the three levels to healing—becoming familiar with our own inner healing resources, engaging our healing with compassion, and direct engaging the health of the ordinary world. These levels are modeled on the traditional The Three Vehicles of Buddhist practice—literal, symbolic, and inherent—but are presented as ordinary human experience and not religious.

Copies of the book will be made available to those who are interested in purchasing one.

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