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The Dorje Kasung: An Instrument of Enlightened Society

with Preston McWhorter
December 30 / 2:00 PM - December 30 / 3:30 PM

This is the second of a series of classes dealing with the Dorje Kasung's role and responsibilities in Shambhala. This class discusses its role in the establishment and maintenance of "enlightened society". An enlightened society is an awakened and friendly association with others. It is not something that is enforced on one but is voluntary.
The Kasung role is not that of dictator but as a facilitator and protector of enlightened society. It does this by providing an example of an enlightened society in a quasi military organization. It manifests the virtues of an enlightened society:kindness, decency, friendliness, courage, discipline, humor and gentleness. It fosters trust and decency within society through its interaction with the members of that society. This class will be of interest to any one who wonders why a military organization is a part of Shambhala or wants to know more about the role of the Dorje Kasung.


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