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How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society

with Brett Ferrigan
February 21 / 6:30 PM - March 28 / 8:30 PM

This program focuses on relationship and society. It is an exploration of the nature of society and what it might mean to help our world with teachings in bodhichitta, communication, virtue and how society arises as an expression of interconnectedness.

Palm Beach Shambhala is excited to introduce the second course in the "Basic Goodness Series" which is comprised of three sequential courses: 

1. Who am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human

2. How can I help?  The Basic Goodness of Society

3. What is Real?  The Basic Goodness of Reality

In general, this series is an introduction to the view of Shambhala taught in an experiential way emphasizing view and meaning.  These classes complement the Everyday Life classes which emphasize personal transformation.  For those on the Path of Shambhala Training, completion of the Basic Goodness Series is now a prerequisite for attending the Enlightened Society Assembly and Sacred Path classes.

Prerequisite:  Who am I ? The Basic Goodness of Being Human.

Location:  Palm Beach Meditation Group, 1660 Southern Blvd., Suites D & E, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Tuition:  $141 non-members / $128 members

Generosity Policy:  
Registration is sliding scale.  Please help us bring these teachings into the world by offering the most that you can afford. Your generosity allows us to offer introductory programs to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

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