Program Details

Miksang Level I: Touching the Phenomenal World

with Patrick Larson
March 16 / 9:00 AM - March 17 / 6:00 PM

Miksang, or “good eye” in Tibetan, is a process of learning to synchronize mind and body, allowing one to open to the world without labeling or evaluating. This first level of training in Miksang contemplative photography purifies our visual perception by working directly with the elements of the visual field: color, light, form, and space. This class includes instructions, assignments, and image reviews. No previous photographic experience is necessary, but participants will need a digital camera.

The price for this program is $125 ($60 for repeat).

Generosity policy: if money is tight and you wish to attend, please contact Jake Lorfing at to make arrangements before registering. If money is abundant, please consider paying more.

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