Program Details

Children's Day Celebration

with Loralee Crowder
December 16 / 11:00 AM - December 16 / 12:30 PM

Celebration of the winter solstice has its roots in many different cultures. The Shambhala Community has drawn on traditional images associated with this time of year to create a distinctive and rich festival of our own.

At the Winter Solstice, we celebrate Children's Day to honour our children and to bring warmth, light and cheerfulness into the dark time of the year. Holidays such as this have their origin as "holy days". They are the way human beings mark the sacred times in the yearly cycle of life.

At the heart of the Children's Day festivities is the shrine, the representation of the dignity of the family, the joy and creativity of the youthful heart, and the celebration of the senses.

Children's Day in New Haven will be on Sunday the 16th and take a different form this year, keying off our Holiday Party & Salon which is happening the evening before. The children will be performing some type of art - music, dance, poetry, song, storytelling, etc. We hope that the entire local sangha, friends and families will join in to enjoy and encourage these young ones to let their own basic goodness shine.


Dress rehearsal will be at 10:15, and the Children's Day celebration will start at 11:00am.  Nyinthun will be canceled.

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