Program Details

Children's Day

December 23 / 9:00 AM - December 23 / 1:00 PM

Children’s Day is our annual Winter Solstice celebration. It is the time when we acknowledge the beginning of the Sun’s ascent in the sky and its promise of growing light and rebirth. Our children, with their freshness, curiosity and boundless vitality, are a wonderful expression of this never ending circle of life. 

On Sunday December 23rd we will gather at the Shambhala Center at 9:00 am for a pancake breakfast followed by the festivities. As always, the King and Queen of Shambhala will preside, sharing their wisdom, warmth and good cheer. 

Although the children are the focus of our celebration, everyone is invited to partake. In honoring our children we can also touch our own unconditional child’s ever-present potential to experience each moment with awe and delight. 

The Merit Exchange will be collecting good for our annual drive to Howard Community Center.  A list of needed goods will be included here soon, so be sure to bring some goods to this event!



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