Program Details

Foundations of Shambhala

October 21 / 7:00 PM - October 21 / 9:00 PM

Foundations in Shambhala is a time open to all who wish to dialogue and ask questions about Shambhala Buddhist teachings and our community.  The purpose of this group is to provide a setting for a more free exchange of questions, discussion, and fellowship.  Whether you are a newcomer to Shambhala, a long time Buddhist practitioner, perhaps a Shambhala member transitioning into the center, or already a member who wishes to gain more depth and perspective, this group is a space for everyone.

You may have questions or concerns about how Buddhism can apply to your daily life. What is Shambhala? Why do we meditate with our eyes open instead of closed? What is the purpose of chanting? How do I meet a Meditation Instructor? What is the purpose of vows and do I have to take them?  These are just a few questions that scratch the surface of what may be on your mind that you feel a need to share.

The Foundations group will be facilitated by a Shambhala Meditation Instructor, and attended by various Meditation Instructors.  There will be an initial meditation instruction during the first 15 minutes.  After, we will have open discussion and also reading material that relates to the core principles and community of Shambhala. Refreshments will be provided.  We welcome everyone.

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