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Workshop: The Five Keys to Mindful Communication

with Susan Chapman
March 3 / 10:00 AM - March 3 / 3:00 PM

Good communication is essential to any healthy relationship, whether it’s between spouses, family members, friends, or co-workers, and mindfulness—the practice of nonjudgmental awareness—can help us communicate more effectively and meaningfully with others in our personal and professional lives. Acharya Susan Chapman, a psychotherapist and long-time Buddhist practitioner, shows us how the practice of mindfulness awareness can change the way we speak and listen, enhance our relationships, and help us achieve our goals. 

Acharya Chapman highlights five key elements of mindful communication—silence, mirroring, encouraging, discerning, and responding—that make it possible for us to listen more deeply to others and to develop greater clarity and confidence about how to respond. Other topics include 

   • identifying your communication patterns and habits; 
   • uncovering the hidden fears that often sabotage communication; 
   • staying open in the midst of difficult conversations so that we can respond wisely and skillfully; 
   • and learning how mindful communication can help us to become more truthful, compassionate, and flexible in our relationships.

NO PRE-REQUISITES:  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  The Acharya suggests that students will have a much deeper connection with the work if they have been able to read her book, Mindful Communication: Using Deep Listening and Mindful Speech to Strengthen Relationships, Heal Conflicts, and Accomplish Your Goals, prior to attending the program.  This is a suggestion but not a requirement for participation.

 Acharya Susan Chapman has been a student of Shambhala since 1974. She has an MA in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University, has worked with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, and is a licensed Marital and Family Therapist.  With her husband Jerry she founded the Juneau Shambhala Center and later completed Gampo Abbey's three year retreat, where she went on to serve as druppon "retreat leader" for six more years.

After moving back to Vancouver, Susan started a business which offers workshops and training in mindful communication, and is on the faculty of Karuna Training, teaching twice yearly in Europe. She was empowered as a Shastri in 2010, and in April 2012 she published her book, The Five Keys to Mindful Communication.

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