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Habit Formation: Why Willpower is Not Enough

December 1 / 10:00 AM - December 1 / 3:00 PM

Habit Formation: Why Willpower is Not Enough

led by Science Educator and Meditation Instructor Judy Bond

Recently several Center members attended a daylong seminar for mental health professionals on the principles of creating new habits and replacing old ones. These can be habits of body, speech, and mind. Habits underlie disorders like depression, obesity and substance abuse as well as the annoying everyday mental occurrence of wandering mind, a deeply engrained habit that we all encounter on and off the meditation cushion. Neuroscientists call this wandering mind our default mode and the parts of the brain involved the default mode network. 

This workshop will focus on how to establish a new habit of meditation practice, and how to replace the wandering mind habit with a being present habit. This is the key to training any new habit and untraining an old one. 


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