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End of Life Community Meeting

April 8 / 7:00 PM - April 8 / 8:30 PM

“The moment of death is a tremendous opportunity, if we understand clearly what is happening and have prepared well for it in life. For at the actual moment of death, the thinking ego-mind dies into the essence, and in this truth, enlightenment takes place.” --Sogyal Rinpoche

Many of us are drawn to the Dharma during difficult times. Some have chosen to become members of the Austin Shambhala Meditation Center help us find our connection to sangha. Our rich, nurturing and generous sangha has helped us to open our hearts further to the teachings and, over time, these individuals have become our closest friends, most insightful teachers and loving family. Through joyful events like birth, unions and celebrations as well as through the more difficult transitions like sickness, loss and death our sangha is truly a precious jewel for each of us on our path.

In this meeting we will continue the discussion around working with death, dying and grieving in the Buddhist tradition.

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