Program Details

Family Camp

with Sophie Seex & John Seex
July 24 / 6:00 AM - August 4 / 6:00 AM

Summer 2013

For families, single parents, and children aged from 3-10. Activities for the children are organized in the mornings, giving adults the opportunity to meditate, read or just relax. Afternoons will include group activities such as swimming or treasure hunts. Join us for this vibrant time at the height of the summer!

Blazing camp fires, muddy shoes, nature walks, ease, joyful children, great friends, story telling, laughter, simplicity, child-friendly food, meditation practice, art, song, swimming, rolling in the grass, and more.
Playing, practising and exploring nature, parents and children have time to spend both together and apart in a creative and gentle adventure. Includes organized group activities and play, contemplative practices, and plenty of time for individual practice and just plain visiting.

In the morning, programmes run for children aged 3-10, while the parents have time for meditation practice, study, and contemplation. In the afternoons and evenings, there will be both structured and spontaneous activities : outings, campfires, parent circles, and contemplative activities for the whole family. Children aged 8-10 will be able to complete the rites of passage, click here to find out more.

The price for the Family Camp shown below is per adult person. Children aged 3-10 pay 50%. Younger children pay 5 euros per day. Nannies and au pairs pay 17.5 euros per day. Please follow the registration form which guides you in registering more than one person. Thank you!

Note: All Dechen Chöling tents are now fully booked! Families who still wish to join the Family Camp are warmly invited to bring their own tent.  

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