Program Details

Joy In Everyday Life

with Roger Guest
January 16 / 5:30 PM - February 13 / 7:30 PM

Joy In Everyday Life expands the vision of the path from focus on self and our own
suffering to a vast understanding of the journey of Shambhala Buddhism. With each step
outward, and with each moment of real connection with our world and other beings, we
taste the joy that comes from living from an open heart. This joy is an experience of
windhorse and the energetic fuel for the path of the bodhisattva warrior.

We then explore the basic Mahayana teachings of loving-kindness and compassion in
action. The perky lion is our model for the discipline, joy, invigoration, and virtue of
compassionate warriorship.

Prerequisite: Completion of Contentment In Everyday Life

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