Program Details

Shambhala Guide Training

with Frank Ryan & Marita McLaughlin & Shelley Heinz & Mark Blumenfeld Shastri Brett Ferrigan
March 8 / 7:00 PM - March 10 / 6:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: This will only be open to a limited number of applicants from the Great Lakes region.


The deadline for applications, application fees, and recommendations is February 6, 2013.


Open to successful applicants, this program provides training in the role of the Shambhala Guide: to serve as a resource, guide, friend, and host to newcomers within the context of Shambhala Center educational programs and events.


An important aspect of the role is delivering one-on-one meditation instruction to newcomers. However, the emphasis is on meeting newcomers where they are and offering each one guidance and instruction suited to his or her own particular aspirations and needs.


Accordingly, program participants will train in giving introductory meditation instruction, and in the principles of engagement and friendship, listening, inquiry, and speaking from the heart.



    • Completion of a weekthün (required; no exceptions)


    • Completion of Shambhala Training Levels I – V


    • Completion of the “Everyday Life” series of courses (or one year of Buddhist courses)


    • Center membership (exceptions can be made for people in small groups and remote locations)


    • Active volunteering at a Shambhala Center (exceptions can be made for people in small groups and remote locations)


    • Three positive letters of recommendation (Center Director; meditation instructor; and one other senior teacher, Shambhala Training Resident Director, or Practice and Education Coordinator)


    • Ongoing relationship to meditation practice


    • Non-refundable application fee: $15.00


    • Program fee: $150.00; $100.00 for those needing financial assistantce, by prearrangement only. A monthly payment plan is available.

Application and registration process:

    1. Contact Richard Weiner at to request the application and recommendation forms.


    1. Ensure that your application, application fee, and recommendations meet the January 31, 2012 deadline.


    1. If you are accepted, you will be invited to register and expected to complete some preparatory study prior to the training (a list of study materials will be sent to you).

Questions? Contact Richard Weiner at


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