Program Details

Holiday Gift Drive for Homeless Children Drop Off

November 27 / 4:00 PM - December 13 / 7:00 PM

In conjunction with Children's Day, we'd like to invite the entire community to participate in our gift drive for homeless children. Please bring a wrapped gift to the Shambhala Center no later than Saturday, December 15th (Children's Day & Winter Solstice Celebration is on the 16th). Your gift will be added to the gifts our children offer as part of Children's Day and donated to Human Solutions for distribution. We'd like to be able to offer a gift to every child in the Family Winter Shelter - approx. 180 children on a given night!

Did you know:

  • Oregon has more homeless people per capita than any other state in the country.*

  • More than 800 families including 1,276 children are homeless on any night in Multnomah County alone. This means they could be staying in a shelter or on the streets.**

  • 23% of all homeless people in Multnomah County are under the age of 11. **

*US Department of Housing and Urban Development
**Multnomah County 2009 One Night Shelter Count

Human Solutions offers homeless families a comprehensive continuum of programs designed to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and help them become self sufficient. They believe that "children are our hope for the future. When we are able to empower them and ensure that their parents have stable employment and housing, we strengthen the community in which we all live."

(see guidelines below):

The Shambhala Center has office hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 4-7pm.  If you need to make arrangements to drop off a gift outside these times, contact Abbey Pleviak, Office Manager.


Please remember that while video games and dvd's are fun, they imply the recipient has a television, electricity, and even a roof over their head, so please avoid these types of gifts. If you offer something that is battery operated, be sure to include the batteries. In order to facilitate your offering going to the appropriate child, please label it:

  • "To a child (or "a boy, or "a girl") of ___yrs (fill in the age appropriate for the gift)" or,

  • "To a baby" or,

  • "To a mother to be"

Toys & Art Supplies
Please note: The shelter does *NOT* accept dolls / stuffed animals
due to bed bug and mites risk factors.

  • Coloring Books & Crayons

  • Drawing pads & Colored Pencils

  • Scissors & Constructions Paper

  • Non-toxic Markers & Colored Pens

  • Water based paints

  • Arts & Crafts Kits

  • Paper Dolls

  • Story Books

  • Books (non-violent & non-religious)

  • Learning Toys

  • Games & Puzzles

  • Toy Musical Instruments

  • Family Board Games

  • Cars & Trucks

  • Dinosaurs & Non-Violent Action Figures

  • Sports Equiptment

  • Bike Helmets

  • Basketballs

  • Crib Mobiles

  • Baby Toys

Baby Clothing & Supplies
Should be new and washable

  • Diapers and "pull ups" in all sizes

  • Baby Formula

  • Baby Powder (individual travel size prefered)

  • Baby Wipes (individual travel size prefered)

  • Blankets

  • "Onesies" /Body Suites

  • Knit pull-on pants & tops

  • Hats & Caps

Children & Teen Clothing
Should be new and washable

  • Gift Certificates for Old Navy, Gap, Fred Meyer, Target etc.

  • Winter Coats, Hats, Gloves & Scarves

  • Sleepwear (pajama's, sweat pants, long sleve t-shirts; knit shirts)

  • Sweat Pants & Sweat Shirts

  • Shirts & Sweaters

  • Warm Socks (there is always a great ongoing need for socks) & Boots

  • Backpacks & Umbrellas

For more information contact
Mark Douglass, Family Council Chair

Go to Portland's website