Program Details

Milarepa Day

February 24 / 9:00 AM - February 24 / 6:30 PM

Have you ever wondered what the mind of an enlightened person is like?
Come find out at this annual community retreat day during which we
celebrate the enlightenment and life example of Milarepa, one of our Kagyu
lineages’ most revered enlightened masters!
Among Trungpa Rinpoche’s great translation efforts, was the rendering into English of the  “songs of realization” of the greatest teachers of our Kagyu lineage. These, he published, as The Rain of Wisdom: The Vajra Songs of the Kagyu Gurus. We read aloud through the entire book, annually, on Milarepa Day, keeping functional silence so that we can soak our minds in the minds of the gurus. One gains from this, a connection to the personal experiences of practice, realization, and instruction of the great gurus, who wrote them for that purpose, for our encouragement.  They are pithy, profound, beautiful, and touching.
According to Trungpa Rinpoche:
"Students are advised to read this book for instructions when their life is filled with disruption and uncertainty and neurosis. Even reading only one passage is better than going to a psychiatrist or taking a dose of aspirin. This is not a myth: from my personal experience, these songs do provide a staircase of liberation. They actually enable us to interrupt our perpetual subconscious gossip, awaken ourselves on the path, and energize ourselves so that we can help others."
8:30 am : Coffee & Tea
9:00 am : Opening Session (We will begin promptly)
12:30 - 1:00 pm : Silent Brown Bag Lunch or Option to Order.
1:00 pm -  aprox. 6:30pm : Afternoon Session
Chai tea will be provided throughout the day and you may take breaks as you need them. Please note for lunch:  There will be an option to order lunch from New Seasons.  Orders will be placed before 9am.  Cash or Check only.
While attending the entire day is a wonderful and powerful experience, you can participate for as much or as little as your schedule allows. If you need to arrive after the practice starts, or anytime you enter or leave the Shrine Room, please chant the Vajrasattva mantra (Om Vajrasattva Hum). Children are welcome in the Shrine Room but we will not be providing separate childcare. Please bring a copy of The Rain of Wisdom if you have one.

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