Program Details

Kasungship: A Path to Enlightenment

with Preston McWhorter
November 25 / 2:00 PM - November 25 / 3:30 PM

 This class presents and discusses the virtues necessary for awakenment (enlightenment) which are instilled by kasung discipline  meditation, and training.  Enlightenment is the state of being awake--not asleep or spaced out.  The primary command of the Dorje Kasung is "Awake!"shouted at various times to alert them  and put them on the spot. The path of enlightened protection (kasungship) is "beginningless and endless"(primordial) as dons which we guard against are created at the same time as mind. Other virtues needed by the kasung are courage, bravery, gentleness, kindness, daringness and skilfull means.  These will be discussed in relation to the duties of  protecting; the teacher, the teaching, and the persons and property of the Sangha.
        This class is not just for the Dorje Kasung but hopefully will give everyone an understanding of kasung duties and responsibilities and provide insights into the virtues needed for enlightenment on the Shambhala Path.

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