Program Details

Timekeeper / Umdze Training

November 18 / 1:00 PM - November 18 / 2:30 PM

The umdze leads the group meditations (mostly at Nyinthun) and sets the tone of the practice environment. Primarily the umdze is the chant leader, so familiarity with the Shambhala chants is important. One full session of this training will be devoted to chanting. In general the umdze is a model for other practitioners, sitting at the front of the room, providing an example of good posture and alert shamatha. The umdze opens and closes the shrine, times the sitting and walking sessions, sounds the gong and ghandi and gives the dharma reading of the day. We are always in need of new umdzes to join the staff rotas of Nyinthun and other sitting opportunities at the center.

The two sessions will provide progressive training in the role, but you are warmly welcome to attend one or the other if you are not able to make both. The level of training required to actually prepare someone to take on the role of umdze varies person to person. The facilitator of the session will work with you to determine whether further training would be helpful to prepare you for the role.

This is one of the most excellent ways to volunteer at the Shambhala Center as a practitioner, both to further ones own practice and to provide the practice environment for others. Please join us!

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