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Shastri Appointment Ceremony for Sandra Ladley

with Alan Schwartz
December 1 / 7:30 PM - December 1 / 9:00 PM

Please join us in celebrating our new Shastri, Sandra Ladley, who was appointed in October by the Sakyong, as she takes the Shastri Oath. Sandra, a long-time practitioner and highly qualified teacher of Shambhala dharma, has been serving as Berkeley Shambhala's Director of Practice and Education. As Shastri she will be assigned to both Berkeley and the Bay Area. In addition to teaching many Way of Shambhala programs, Sandra brings her decades of experience in business, technology, health, psychotherapy, and the creative arts to her meditation-based and psycho-educational classes, which include the upcoming Radical Acceptance Training and Shambhala Art programs. Sandra joins Charlene Leung, another BSC member who was appointed Shastri two years ago. Charlene serves all of Northern California and is also the chairperson of the Diversity Working Group for Shambhala International.

In Sanskrit, shastri literally means "teacher learned in the texts and commentaries." The shastris' role is to bring the current understanding of Shambhala Buddhist vision and teachings to their centres, to be a reference point for questions about the path, and in particular to help establish The Way of Shambhala curriculum as the core path. Shastris personally mentor and strengthen the local teaching mandala and support the leadership in Shambhala centers in building community and the vision of enlightened society.

Our 7:30 PM ceremony will be followed by toasts, cake, and champagne!

Contact: Megan Murphy.

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