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A Model of Care: Starting and Maintaining Care Teams

February 2 / 10:00 AM - February 2 / 4:30 PM

This day-long orientation will address how our local Shambhala community can initiate and maintain Care Teams. Care Teams are small groups of people who come together to provide care to persons in the community who need help, such as those who are recovering from surgery or who are acutely ill. This team model requires an individual commitment of no more than four hours a month and is proven to be a highly effective way to help people in real need.

This orientation will be presented by Laura Burnham, Kate Summers, and Faradee Rudy. There will also be a pre-recorded talk by Mary Whetsell, Director of the Office of Societal Health and Well-being for Shambhala, who has been involved as a Care Team trainer for 15 years. She will offer a simple and effective model that is designed to give the optimal amount of service while at the same time preventing burn-out among team members.

This orientation day is free of charge and open to anyone who would like to attend. Please feel free to forward this information to others who may be interested in attending.

Scent-Free Policy: In support of those with environmental sensitivities, please refrain from wearing scented products.

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