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Book Group: The Sakyong's Running with the Mind of Meditation

June 2 / 3:30 PM - June 2 / 5:00 PM

Accomplished runner and leader of Shambhala, Sakyong Mipham has found physical activity to be essential for spiritual well-being. In this practical and inspiring book, he offers simple lessons that meld mindfulness with physical movement which can be used by anyone – regardless of age, spiritual background, or ability. The result is an enhanced way of life – more energy, more focus, more patience – that will appeal to runners, spiritual seekers and anyone interested in great health and wellbeing.

“I have always found a natural relationship between running and meditation,” the Sakyong writes in the opening pages of the book. “Running can be a support for meditation, and meditation can be a support for running. Running is a natural form of exercise, for it is simply an extension of walking. When we run, we strengthen our heart, remove stagnant air, revitalize our nervous system, and increase our aerobic capacity. It helps us develop a positive attitude. It creates exertion and stamina and gives us a way to deal with pain. It helps us relax. For many of us, it offers a feeling of freedom. Likewise, meditati on is a natural exercise of the mind, an opportunity to strengthen, reinvigorate, and cleanse. Through meditation we can connect with that long-forgotten goodness we all have. It is very powerful to feel that sense of goodness: having confidence and bravery in our innermost being.”

This group will be led by Lisa Drenning. If you have questions please contact her at drenning@mindspring.comFor more information about the book, go to the official website.

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