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Meditation and QiGong - New Zealand

with Samten Kobelt
January 2 / 6:00 AM - January 16 / 6:00 AM

This two week retreat focuses on developing a deep understanding of shamatha or “peaceful abiding”  meditation. Shamatha is the basis of all other practices in the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions. Students
will also be introduced to traditional Outer and Inner Qigong from two systems: the Pre-celestial Limitless
Gate School and the Yiquan School. This is through the lineage handed down into Shambhala by the renowned Qigong Master, Dr. Eva Wong. The schedule also includes frequent talks by a senior teacher, one-onone meditation instruction, contemplative meditations and periods of silence.

Shastri Samten A. Kobelt grew up in Switzerland where he met with the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa in 1984. He has explored the Shambhala Buddhist teachings and various body/mind disciplines throughout his life. Today he lives and teaches in Boulder, Colorado. He has been a student of Sakyong Mipham
Rinpoche since 1991 and of Eva Wong since 2005.


Location: The green hills of Taumarunui, New Zealand

Cost: $1,150 (Includes accommodation, all meals and materials)

More information and registration: (NZ) 04 475 9223
marian bond@

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