Program Details

A Talk on Shambhala Culture and Decorum

with Doria Cross
November 30 / 7:00 PM - November 30 / 9:00 PM



Is it appropriate to applaud in the Shrine Room at Shambhala events?
What is the proper way to return to your cushion after walking meditation?

These questions and more will be answered at our Shambhala Culture and Decorum talk presented by Doria Cross.  Ms. Cross is the Representative of Culture and Decorum for the San Antonio Center.

 There is no fee for this event but it is traditional for students to offer a monetary gift to the teacher in appreciation for receiving the teachings, and in recognition of the years of training and understanding the teacher has cultivated.  There will be an opportunity to offer a teaching gift at the program.

  All are encouraged to attend!




The Shambhala Office of Culture and Decorum

Culture is the binding factor of a society, and reflects the embodiments of the Shambhala

teachings in a community and a kingdom. Through shared rituals, symbols and

experiences – we become a people, give our children a rich sense of heritage, and invite

others to share in the celebration. This is how we invoke drala, infuse the community

with authentic presence, and create an atmosphere that is conducive to practice and

genuine communication.


The decorum of Shambhala is a series of gestures and forms used to invoke wakefulness,

uplift ourselves, the environment, and therefore other beings. All forms should be based

on generosity, put others at ease and create harmony with a bit of perky edge. It is

essential that Shambhala forms always evolve and progre ss, so that they do not become a

conventional system of rules, but rather serve as a setting within which the jewel of

dharma can sparkle.




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