Program Details


with Roland Cohen
December 1 / 9:00 AM - December 2 / 5:00 PM

We are asking for $140 for this level, plus a $50 materials fee. Please commit by November 7 so that we can order the text and sourcebook for you (the materials fee) in time for the level.

*Generosity policy, Shambhala Meditation Group
Those who have it are encouraged to pay the full program fee, more if they are willing and able. Regular dues-paying members are welcome to take a $10 or 10% discount on all classes and programs. Students and elders are offered reduced fees. All who require them are offered reduced fees, payment plans, work exchanges, whatever makes it possible to attend programs and classes. Time is precious; we always encourage anyone who has the time and space in their lives to attend programs to do so whether they can pay right now or not. We trust that, when you are able, you will do what you can.

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