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Smile at Fear - Autumn Meditation Retreat

with Brian Hilliard
October 6 / 6:00 PM - October 12 / 6:00 AM

The ultimate definition of bravery is not being afraid of who you are. Chögyam Trungpa

We are all afraid of something: we might be afraid of speaking in public, financial hardship, or losing a loved one. But most of us suffer from a more pervasive form of fear: the fear of ourselves. We often feel ashamed and embarrassed to look at our feelings or acknowledge our styles of thinking and behaving; we do not want to face the reality of our moment-to-moment experience. It is this fear that keeps us trapped in cycles of suffering, sadness and distress; beginning to dismantle it is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others.

This retreat invites us to move beyond fear in order to discover our innate bravery, trust and delight in life. Throughout this week, we will discuss the many levels of working with fear and discover how, through the practice of meditation, we can uncover our inherent confidence and bravery. By adopting an attitude that involves fearlessness, we can fundamentally transform our lives and perceptions so that we can conquer fear, not simply suppress it for a time.



This programme starts on Sunday October 6 at 20:00.

This programme ends on Friday evening. You can choose to leave anytime next day, on Saturday October 12.



This programme is taught in English. Translation into French, German, Spanish and other languages is possible without additional costs. In case you require translation, please register as early as possible - about 2 months in advance - to allow us to organize an interpreter. Thank you.



Introductory programme: no pre-requisites are required.

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