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Talk by Acharya Emily Bower

with Emily Bower
December 4 / 7:00 PM - December 4 / 9:00 PM

Are You Willing To Be Your Own Friend?
Open House Talk
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 7 pm

In the Buddhist tradition, love is not just a feeling but a way of being present with ourselves and others. We may feel great love for the people we are close to, but how do we put that love into action so that others are nurtured by it? And what about loving ourselves? How can we express friendship and love toward someone else when we are enveloped in self-criticism and self-doubt?
Acharya Bower will offer the advice and practical tools for practising simple kindness to ourselves and others, without surrending our self esteem or confidence.  In fact, through meditation practice, we learn that genuine kindness – and the willingness to be present with everything that arises in our daily life – requires courage and strength.
Join us for an evening of conversation and meditation practice, and to discuss the benefits of cultivating a kinder attitude toward our world.

Meditation instruction will be available to those coming for the first time from 7pm.

Donations for Open House talks:
This talk is open to everyone.  Our Centre is run entirely on voluntary donations.  If those who attend are able to give a koha offering, this will help our Centre to be sustainable for the benefit of all.

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