Program Details

Holiday Mahamudra Retreat

with Dorje Loppon Lodro Dorje
December 26 / 9:00 AM - December 31 / 6:00 PM

or $30 a day. Generosity policy applies: pay what you can afford.

The retreat will take place at the Shambhala School
5450 Russell Street, Halifax (map)

"The quintessence of the … countless teaching of the buddhas is that the wisdom essence … is present as the nature of sentient beings. Among all the different kinds of teaching is one that is the most eminent, the shortest path, the ultimate meaning… Mahamudra is the supreme method that directly and easily reveals the natural face of the mind in which the three kayas are spontaneously present."
     —Lamp of Mahamudra, Tsele Natsok Rangdrol
Following Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche’s instructions, each meditation session will begin with Dharmasagara Guru Yoga practice or the Sadhana of Mahamudra as a basis for then looking directly at the mind. The ways of looking will be guided by the Ninth Karmapa’s text, Pointing Out the Dharmakaya.

◊Wednesday December 26 through Sunday 30 the retreat will run 9am to 6pm, with a lunch break 12h30-2pm.
◊Monday December 31 will begin with a morning session and then a closing Sadhana of Mahamudra feast, which will conclude by 2 pm.
◊For interested participants, we will do lujong from 8h30am to 8h50am, Thursday to Sunday: December 27 through 30.

Recommended (not required) Texts for the Retreat:
1) The Ninth Karmapa's classical retreat instruction on Mahamudra, called Pointing out the Dharmakaya, and Ven Thrangu Rinpoche's commentary on it.
2) Free download, highly recommended:
Thrangu Rinpoche's commentary on the Ninth Karmapa's long work, Ocean of Definitive Meaning at
(Select the issue: Volume 6 Numbers 1 and 2, June 2003)
3)If you have the blue book translation of Ocean Of Definitive Meaning (Nalandabodhi, 2003) you might enjoy pursuing that prior to the retreat.

Apart from some exposition and discussion, the retreat will be conducted in silence. Because the investigations are progressive, it is highly recommended to attend the entire program. All participants are strongly encouraged to begin on December 26th.  Of course it is ideal if you can do the full retreat, but if this is not possible, please attend what you can.
Open to all Shambhala tantrikas.

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