Program Details

Winter Weekthun Retreat- DAILY RATE

with David Stone
December 26 / 10:30 AM - January 1 / 3:30 PM

This regististration is for those who wish to participate in a day or two of the winter weethun and Vajryana Intensive.  If you wish to sign up for the whole program, you can register here.  the daily rate is $50 per day.   There is also a required deposit of $10 that will not be refundable after Dec 15th.  


Weekthun: A weekthun is a week long meditation retreat. In this retreat, we will explore the practice of shamatha, or calm abiding meditation, to settle our minds.  We will work with tonglen, the practice of exchanging self for others, and contemplation practice to develop compassion and appreciation for our lives.  We will have short talks and discussions to deepen our understanding of these practices.  This program is appropriate for both new and experienced meditators. 

Together we will create a retreat environment that includes daily practice (9am-8pm), noble silence, simple group meals, and rota (participation in food prep, clean-up and other tasks).

Participation in the entire week counts toward one week of dathun and fulfills a portion of group practice requirements for Sutrayana Seminary, and Shambhala Guide Training.


For those wishing to attend from out of town, the Chicago center is willing to provide assistance with lodging.  If you need lodging, email us at




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