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"The Basic Goodness of Society" A Public Talk

with Allyn Lyon
November 29 / 7:30 PM - November 29 / 9:30 PM

"Society does contain profundity and sacredness.The sacredness of society is potent and powerful. I’m sure many ordinary people would not accept such an idea. They would think that we are trying to sneak something into the idea of society, to impose some foreign element or idea on it. However, it seems genuinely important to see the spiritual aspect, the visionary... aspect, of society." -- Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche

In today's world of economic uncertainty, ecological destruction, wars, poverty, and deep anxiety and mistrust, many of us may hold the belief that humans are basically flawed and that society is fundamentally unworkable.  According to the Shambhala teachings, this kind of doubt about the nature of humans and society is the biggest obstacle to us actually transforming our culture into an enlightened society.  Join us for this provocative evening with Acharya Allyn Lyon as we contemplate where this doubt comes from, and whether it is really true or helpful.  As society arises as an expression of our interconnectedness, the path to seeing the basic goodness in society has to start with realizing the innate goodness of all beings who make up society.  It is only by recognizing and bringing forth that basic goodness through the experience of bravery, gentleness and delight that we can truly transform our world.

Acharya Allyn Lyon is a senior teacher appointed by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and acts as his personal representative in teaching Shambhala and Buddhism. She has served as the Director of Shambhala Mountain Center and has taught at the Vajradhatu Seminary. Acharya Lyon has traveled and taught extensively in Europe, the US, and Mexico, as well as at Naropa University. She is a senior teacher of Maitri Space Awareness program. Acharya Lyon has a special affinity to Los Angeles, where she serves as our Resident Acharya.

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