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Pema Chodron: Smile at Fear

with Barry Gruessner
November 27 / 6:30 PM - December 18 / 8:30 PM

In this four part video series, Pema Chödrön strongly encourages students to read and study the book Smile at Fear  by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, along with listening to these teachings. This program includes a practice of raising windhorse, of rousing unconditional confidence, and overcoming obstacles to connecting with basic goodness.

Week 1: Living From The Heart. Genuineness, tenderness, and developing strength. This talk focuses on the first chapter of the book, "Facing Yourself". Unconditional friendship with the totality of one's expeience and the genuine heart of sadness are the basis for developing the true strength of nonviolent warriorship.

Week 2: The Tools of Bravery. This talk covers the chapters on "Nonviolence", "The Tools of Bravery", and "Unconditional Fearlessness". Nonresistant practice and "going beyond the battlefield mentality". With discipline like the sun; awareness like an echo; wisdom and skillful activity like a bow and arrow, one gains the power to hold one's seat, not exaggerating and not rejecting experiences.

Week 3: Raising Windhorse. Discovering Great Eastern Sun and unconditional confidence. A reservoir of trust and joy of appreciation. Overcoming the doubt of not trusting one's own experience. Genuine sadness, free from fixed mind. Ani Pema presents a practice of raising windhorse, which is a practice for connecting with basic goodness and rousing primordial confidence.

Week 4: The Education of the Warrior - Meditation. This is a teaching on staying with the genuine heart of sadness without fixed identity. The Great Eastern Sun is there; clouds come and go. Smiling practice. The cradle of loving kindness, the cool fan of joy and happiness, the milk of doubtlessness. Becoming a human society that could inspire ourselves and others.

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