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Enlightened Society Treatise

with Sue Di Pietro
December 5 / 7:00 PM - December 5 / 9:30 PM

Lung (Reading Permission) for the Enlightened Society Treatise

Seeing the Best in Oneself and Others

Please attend if you are interested in the topic of Enlightened Society


Location: CERES, The Lower Merri Room, cnr Roberts & Stewart Streets, East Brunswick

Every human being has a basic nature of goodness, which is undiluted and unconfused.

from chapter one, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior

Lung is a Tibetan term meaning “wind, breath, or energy” and it is used to refer to the process of receiving a reading transmission. A reading transmission is the traditional method by which a text is passed from one human being to another. When a master composes a text, disciples may request to receive a lung in order to gain permission to study and practice this new composition. The master will read this text to disciples; in turn these disciples may be empowered to offer reading transmissions to others. Many ancient texts have been kept “alive” in this way. When we a receive a text through a reading transmission there is a sense of being part of the living stream of breath and energy that originated with the author of the text. Receiving a text in this way is quite different from simply purchasing or downloading information—it includes a sense of empowerment and blessing that flows through a living, human lineage.In the Shambhala lineage, the Sakyong, the Acharyas, and sometimes the Shastris, provide reading transmissions for texts. Yet the Sakyong feels that the nature of the Enlightened Society Treatise calls for a social process of transmission in which all Shambhalians could be empowered to receive and give the lung to each other. In fact, anyone who receives the reading transmission can pass the lung on to another person (upon request). In this way, by receiving and giving the reading transmission, we all connect directly to the stream of people who have received the Treatise before us, linking our listening and intentions directly to the Sakyong as the author. The Enlightened Society Treatise has quickly become a classic of the Shambhala tradition. It is perhaps the single most focused explorations of the meaning of enlightened society. As a treatise, it is an inquiry into social, political, and ethical themes. As a work of inspiration and encouragement for social transformation, it is a seed for energizing human civilization. 

Explanation of Salon

sa lon
[s uh-lon; Fr. sa-lawn] 
An assembly of guests gathered in a home/venue for lively social discussion, friendly debate and intelligent conversation.

The topic for this salon is from the Treatise on Enlightened Society:
"The Shambhala approach takes wakefulness, vision, and confidence in humanity, and at the same time, a willingness to fearlessly face the confusion and suffering. It takes training in virtuous action and the skill to manifest kindness in our homes, politics, and concrete life. It takes deep appreciation for the sensitive hearts and senses of human beings, and the magic of life on this earth. In this way, in an enlightened society, all of its citizens become earth protectors, since where we are now, the very earth that we are standing on, is in fact our enlightened society."
Salons can be open to anyone - so you could bring friends, neighbours or family members who might be interesting in discussing the possibilities of enlightened society.

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