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Children's Day

December 22 / 11:00 AM - December 22 / 2:00 PM

The Shambhala community has, over the years, adopted a tradition of celebrating the changes of season. These special days of celebration are called nyida days - from nyima ("sun") and dawa ("moon").  Nyida days occur on or near the days of the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices.

The winter solstice celebration is called "Children's Day" and this year it will be celebrated on Saturday, December 22th from 11 am to 2 pm.

Children's Day provides a special opportunity to express appreciation for and with our children.  When the dark days are bearing down, and the Grinch seems to be ever-present, we take a warrior's stance and turn to family and sangha for celebration, creativity, and generosity of time and energy.  It is truly a counter-experience to the materialism and chaos of the holiday season. Our wish is that everyone, and especially the children, feel as if they are within the Enlightened Society of Shambhala, as we invite the dawn of a new year and the brilliance of the sun in the longer days to come.



1. This year, we kick-off our 2013 Bodhi School (our "awakening" school) with Children's Day.  What better way to start school than with a party!  To help start our school year off right, on Children's Day, please bring any school supplies to donate to the program e.g. crayons, markers, small kids scissors, glue sticks.     


2. Also, please feel free to bring (and take back home) a favorite animal (stuffed, molded or otherwise formed but not breathing) to place on the special Children's Day shrine.  These animals represent the "earth element."


3. Each attendee should bring a picture of themselves as a baby.  It can be a picture printed from a file, a copy of a picture or a real, honest to goodness photo. 


4. Food!  Our feast on Children's Day is self-made rather than spontaneously arising, so bring your favorite dish to share

5. People! Sangha members and friends, whether they be children, adults, or adults who have a child-like spirit should come to celebrate the day.

For questions please contact: Kris Stinson:

Please register online for planning purposes.  Thank you!
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