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Weekthun: Exploring the Enlightened Society Treatise

with Myra Woodruff
December 26 / 8:00 AM - January 1 / 6:00 PM

"The Shambhala approach takes wakefulness, vision, and confidence in humanity, and at the same time, a willingness to fearlessly face the confusion and suffering. It takes training in virtuous action and the skill to manifest kindness in our homes, politics, and concrete life. It takes deep appreciation for the sensitive hearts and senses of human beings, and the magic of life on this earth. In this way, in an enlightened society, all of its citizens become earth protectors, since where we are now, the very earth that we are standing on, is in fact our enlightened society." Sakyong Mipham from Enlightened Society Treatise

The Enligntened Society Treatise by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche explores in detail how human society can manifest its wakefulness completely while acknowledging the suffering in the world.

This weekthun offers an opportunity to study this text in the context of longer practice and a contemplative environment. There will be practice, contemplations, exercises and talks throughout the week. Completing this full program fulfills a weekthun requirement for future advanced training.

Members price: $270

Day participants are welcome ($35 a day ($30 members)). Online registration is required in advance. For participants attending on other than the first day, please receive the lung in advance of the beginning of the weekthun.  This can be done by contacting Myra Woodruff at 802-735-5069 or Also, please indicate in the comments section of the registration that you are a day participant and which day(s) you are coming.

Summary of Daily Focus:

Day One - Dec 26   Basic Principles: Humanity’s Core

Day Two - Dec 27  Basic Principles: Society’s Nature

Day Three - Dec 28  Fear, Doubt and Goodness

Day Four - Dec 29  Interdependence and Awake
Day Five - Dec 30  Qualities of Awake Society
Day Six - Dec 31   Power of Ceremony, Conduct and Confidence

Day Seven - Jan1, 2013   The Future of Enlightened Society

No one will be turned away for financial reasons (see about our fees). For concerns about the program fee or for other questions, please contact Charlotte Brodie at

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