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The Three Jewels

with Mary Whetsell
March 23 / 9:00 AM - March 23 / 4:00 PM

Have you ever wondered what it means to be Buddhist? Would you like to learn more about the Buddha and his teachings? This class presents the essence of the “Three Jewels”, in which all Buddhists take refuge - the Buddha as our example, the Dharma as the path, and the Sangha as the community of fellow practitioners -- -- and explores the meaning of taking the Refuge Vow as a commitment to follow the Buddhist Path. It is open to anyone who is curious and interested in exploring the Three Jewels of Buddhism, as well as those who are aspiring to take the Refuge Vow.

This class is the recommended preparation for those who wish to take the formal Refuge Vow that will be offered the last weekend of April, 2013 with Acharya Emily Bower as preceptor.

For more information, contact Mary at or 205-595-8568

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