Program Details

Umdze Training

with Bernard Gay
April 21 / 11:00 PM - April 21 / 1:00 PM

The umdze is the time keeper and chant leader for sitting meditation. They serve as a model for other practitioners in the shrine hall, providing an example of good posture and alert shamatha practice. Becoming a good umdze is a journey.

To help overcome self-consciousness, umdzes learn the procedures thoroughly so they are not at a loss about what to do in the umdze's seat. This requires hands-on training: using the gong, the gandi, etc. A general slogan for umdzes: Be mindful of all details.

Whether you have been thinking about it for a while or you are already serving the center as an umzde and would like to use this as a brush up, this training is open to everyone. Consider attending and signing up for a shift, this is a great way of deepening our commitment to working with our own mind.

Schedule:  Sunday, April 21st 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.  If you are unable to attend but are interested in being an umdze at TSMC, please still e-mail expressing interest!

Contact: Bernie | [email to bernie] / 520-406-0740

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