Program Details

Shambhala Sadhana Retreat

with Emily Bower
November 26 / 8:30 AM - November 26 / 8:30 PM


In March 2012 the Shambhala Sadhana, a new practice written by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, was formally introduced to the Shambhala community. We are pleased to announce that in November, we will be able to offer this practice in Melbourne during a one-day retreat, with Acharya Emily Bower.  

The Sakyong composed this practice to help us deepen our personal and social connection with basic goodness, one of the foundational teachings within Shambhala and with Enlightened Society. The sadhana has both personal and social relevance in that it connects us to our belief in Basic Goodness, not just in ourselves but in others and in society. We intend to schedule a monthly community practice of the Shambhala Sadhana, commencing December 2012. For those of you coming from afar, Shambhala online are also offering monthly Shambhala Sadhana gatherings with senior teachers commencing October 2012.

The purpose of the Shambhala Sadhana Retreat (SSR) is to introduce this sadhana to more of the community so that we have a common practice that both new and advanced students can do together. This retreat is open to everyone but a prerequisite is the need to have taken both the Shambhala Vow and the Enlightened Society Vow. These are optional, secular vows now offered at Rigden and Enlightened Society Assembly respectively. However, in this instance, they will be offered to anyone who feels ready to take them in advance of this retreat.

The Shambhala Vow is being offered as part of the Rigden program on Sunday Nov 25th and will be followed by a separate Enlightened Society Vow ceremony that night, following the usual celebration. They will be open to anyone who wants to come along (you don't need to be a participant of Rigden). We would like to emphasize here that this is a personal decision and there is no pressure to take vows or particpate in this practice - the desire to do so needs to come from your heart. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Michael Stanborough, our Practice and Education director. Or I can put you in touch with the Acharya. 

Please note that only those who have already attended Enlightened Society Assembly (or Sutrayana Seminary) will be authorized to take the practice home and do it as an individual practice. For others who attend the one-day retreat, the sadhana is being introduced for use at centres as a group community practice. 

LOCATION CONFIRMED: Michael Centre 37 Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood.

CONTACT: Aine Marron (03) 9700 2587 or 0403 405 869 

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