Program Details

Shrine Room Staff Training

with Chris Bauman
November 30 / 6:30 PM - November 30 / 8:00 PM

In this meditation-in-action training on Friday, November 30th, 6:30 – 8:00 PM, the roles of timekeeper, gatekeeper, and hallkeeper will be explained and demonstrated. Participants will then have an opportunity to practice.

Enjoy ringing the gong, offering incense with crispness and heart, protecting the space with firmness and gentleness, and creating a supportive practice environment through mindfulness and awareness. Volunteering in any of these roles is both a practice in itself and an act of generosity.

Experienced shrine room staff are strongly encouraged to come as assistants and to help ensure that the forms we present are up to date, clear, and consistent. Those who have never served in this way before will find it an excellent opportunity to step out of their comfort zones. The training is free of charge.

For more information, contact Chris Bauman at

To arrange to receive this training at another time, contact Gord Shipway at (Chris is willing to offer abbreviated training after public meditation.)

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