Program Details

Is It OK to Be Queer? (to be me)?

with Jon Feller
November 19 / 7:00 PM - November 19 / 9:00 PM

Society, political and religious leaders, our family and sometimes our friends do not always support the way we express who we are in life.  Sometimes our family is very supportive, but there are constant messages from society that we are misguided, "bad" or perhaps even will "burn in hell" which we may have internalized.  Whom should we believe?  Who knows best who we are and how we "should be"?  What if we have convinced ourselves through years of logical analysis, and perhaps therapy, that we are "basically good", but there remain nagging doubts that we aren't good enough and that our lives would be much better if we just fit in?

This talk sponsored by Shambhala Queer Dharma Chicago will include basic meditation instruction, practice in contemplative meditation techniques and dialogue exercises to help people of any identity or with any particular characteristics that others find "strange"  to begin to answer these questions. We will also practice "Compassionate Abiding", a contemplative practice that can help make exploring unpleasant emotions more manageable.

The program will take place from 7 - 9 p.m. at the Fenn House, 5638 S. Woodlawn.  The talk is free.  Donations are welcome.

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