Program Details

Milarepa Day

February 24 / 9:00 AM - February 24 / 9:00 PM

This day celebrates the enlightenment and life example of Milarepa. The celebration is an all day guru yoga practice, which includes chanting the Milarepa sadhana and reading the songs of the lineage fathers in The Rain of Wisdom (Tib: Kagyü Gurtso). The program is free and open to the public.

The actual title of The Rain of Wisdom is "The Essence of the Ocean of True Meaning"; the subtitle is "Bringing the Rain of Wisdom, the Spontaneous Self-Liberation, the Blazing Great Bliss, the Quick Path to Realization of the Supreme Siddhi, the Vajra Songs of the Kagyü Gurus". These songs are the direct personal voices of the lineage holders, sharing their experiences of the path, practice, and realization. In chanting them, we attune our minds to theirs, invoking the inspiration of their sanity and devotion. This collection was first compiled by Mikyö Dorje, the eighth Karmapa.

The schedule for the day is:

8:30 - 9:00

Shrine room setup, tea and coffee


Instructions,  morning chants and opening of The Glorious Flame of Wisdom Sadhana


Continue The Rain of Wisdom


Continue The Rain of Wisdom


Continue The Rain of Wisdom

7:30 - end

Finish reading The Rain of Wisdom and The Glorious Flame of Wisdom

To help keep the environment peaceful and the practice container intact, a general guideline is: if you're attending a session, plan on doing that entire session. Dropping in or leaving in the middle of a session is discouraged. On the other hand, feel free to participate if you only have time for one session.

If you have a copy of the Rain of Wisdom, please bring it with you. The center has a few copies for sale, and a few to lend. You can also purchase it from Shambhala Publications:

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