Program Details

Shambhala Art: Parts 1 and 2

with Lynn Wolfe
February 2 / 9:00 AM - February 3 / 6:00 PM

The practice of dharma art is a way to use our lives to communicate without confusion the primordial and magical nature of what we see, hear, and touch. – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Shambhala Art celebrates sacred arts and the root of its connection in an enlightened society. It is a five part series integrating contemplation and meditation relevant to artists and those who love the arts. It utilizes exercises that can be put into practice within any artistic discipline. The teachings are about discovery and play and the universal nature of creativity and communication.

Part 1: Coming to Your Senses focuses on the importance of being grounded in perception more than talent.

Part 2: Seeing Things as They Are introduces Art-making as an inquiry into what is true. Trungpa Rinpoche taught dharma art as a way of investigating relative truth and absolute truth, which he called 'sign' and 'symbol.' Part Two, through exercises, points us in the direction of non-conceptual knowing.


Please contact Lynn Wolfe for more information: or 443-4490

Those who are repeating the program may pay a reduced price of $50.


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