Program Details

Qigong: Levels 1 - 5

with Eva Wong
March 29 / 12:00 AM - April 6 / 12:00 AM

Cultivate strength of body and calmness of mind through the healing Taoist practice of qigong. This intensive is a rare opportunity to receive instruction in two unique qigong lineages, the Pre-Celestial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen) and the Yiquan School. In Level I, we will practice techniques to strengthen the musculoskeletal systems, nourish internal organs, circulate energy and still the mind. In Level II, we will delve more deeply into postures that cultivate flexibility, strength and softness in the joints, muscles and tendons. Self massage techniques to support our internal organs and circulate qi, or life energy, through our meridians will also be shared. In Levels III, IV and V, we will learn animal forms for balance and strength as well as practices for removing blockages in the meridians and circulating qi. Talks on qigong, Chinese medicine and Taoism will be included.


Individual levels are $355 each.

Levels 1 & 2 - begins March 29, ends March 31 at 6:30pm

Level 3 begins at 7:30pm March 31, ends April 2 at 6:30pm

Level 4 begins at 7:30pm April 2, ends April 4 at 6:30pm

Level 5 begins at 7:30pm April 4, ends April 6 at 6:30pm

Participants can depart the evening of the 6th, or register to stay until the morning of the 7th.

Required text: Holding Yin, Embracing Yang, translated by Eva Wong

Students are also expected to understand that they should not teach any form of Xiantianwujimen or Yiquan Qigong without permission from Ms. Wong.

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