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Contentment in Everyday Life - Way of Shambhala One

with Richard White & Stephen Perme
October 18 / 6:30 PM - November 15 / 8:30 PM

Contentment in Everyday Life (CIEL) introduces an experience and understanding of contentment as the foundation for both the spiritual path and a sane life. With meditation practice, we learn to appreciate ourselves and simple human experiences.  Difficult emotions and the challenges of life can be met with gentleness, steadiness and humor. 

In this class, we meet the first of the four dignities or wisdom energies on the path of Shambhala – the dignity of “meek” which is symbolized by the tiger.  The analogy of the tiger symbolizes the sense of mindful, patient, inquisitive contentment.  The tiger also teaches us the qualities of precision and discernment of what to accept and what to reject.  Contentment can be understood as the foundation for the path of warriorship.

This class will meet on five consecutive Wednesdays beginning on October 18, 2012.   Students are also invited to attend an optional day-long meditation (nyinthun) on Sunday, November 18th.  There are no prerequisites -- CIEL may be taken as an introductory meditation class. 

For those interested in progressive Shambhala Training weekend retreats, the weekend associated with CIEL is Level II  - Birth of a Warrior.  This weekend retreat will be offered by Palm Beach Shambhala on December 14-16, 2012.

More information about Shambhala Training is available at

Location:  Palm Beach Meditation Group, 1660 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Price:  $131 non-members/$118 members. 

Generosity Policy:  
Registration is sliding scale.  Please help us bring these teachings into the world by offering the most that you can afford. Your generosity allows us to offer introductory programs to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.  For any questions, please contact us at


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