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Basic Goodness of Being Human

with Myra Woodruff & Sharon Keegan
January 8 / 7:00 PM - February 5 / 9:00 PM

The Basic Goodness Series is an introduction to the view of Shambhala, taught in an experiential way. It is comprised of 3 courses.  Each course has a question and a title.

1. Who am I?  The Basic Goodness of Being Human  [6 classes, and a day of practice]
2. How can I help?  The Basic Goodness of Society [6 classes, and a day of practice] - pre-requisite previous course
3. What is Real?  The Basic Goodness of Reality [6 classes, and a day of practice] - pre-requisite previous course

The first course asks the questions “Who am I?” and focuses on the sense of self.  It includes teachings on basic goodness, selflessness, the arising of ego and cocoon, buddha nature, and the confidence of warriorship.  We will practice contemplative investigations of the self, based upon the Foundations of Mindfulness. 

The new Basic Goodness Series is open to everyone, without prerequisites.  We strongly recommended that participants first receive basic meditation instruction during an open house or a Shambhala Training program. It would also be good if a student could attend a Meditation in Everyday Life course before entering the Basic Goodness Series.(see Course 1 of the Everyday Life Series)  However, these are not firm prerequisites.

Members $100

View  a nine-minute video presentation by Acharya Lobel of the whole Basic Goodness Series at the following link:

 The main text for the class is:
“The Sanity We are Born With: A Buddhist Approach to Psychology” by Chögyam Trungpa

No one will be turned away for financial reasons (see about our fees). For concerns about the program fee or for other questions, please contact Elizabeth Kanard at

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