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Maitri Space Awareness

with Jonathan Kirkendall & Scott Perkins
February 22 / 7:30 PM - February 24 / 5:00 PM

"We all have our own style and our own particular nature. We can't avoid it. The enlightened expression of yourself is in accord with your inherent nature." Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Pure Perception

Each one of us has an energetic expression in the world, which can be seen in our attitudes, our emotions, our actions and our interactions. Vajrayana Buddhism recognizes this expression as five basic energies inherent in all of us called the Five Buddha Families or Five Wisdom Energies. At times this energetic display is seen as dysfunctional or neurotic and at other times as constructive or wise. At any given moment, we have the potential to transform confusion into wisdom.

Maitri Space Awareness Practice was designed by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1972 as a method for accessing and working with these energies directly, in the moment, within the context of a practice environment


In this class we will use specific colors and postures to evoke particular psychological qualities. Through doing this practice, talks given by the instructor, and group discussion, we will explore our experience and begin to look at how our patterns of thought, emotions and behavior correspond to one or more of the wisdom energies described. The emphasis of the practice is on discovering within these raw and wakeful energies unconditional friendliness (or maitri) toward oneself

This program is open and accessible to meditation practitioners at all levels. Work-study is available.

Suggested fee: $150

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