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Shambhala Mahamudra: The Experience of Basic Goodness and Emptiness, with Acharya Richard John

December 7 / 7:30 PM - December 9 / 5:30 PM


This is an exciting and rare opportunity for those who have taken Shambhala
Training Level III and beyond to be introduced to Mahamudra. Mahamudra, the
"great symbol," is among the most profound meditation traditions of
vajrayana Buddhism, but it is also extremely simple and direct. Acharya
Richard John will weave together this advanced practice with the Shambhala
teachings and path. The practice of Mahamudra is a powerful way to explore
basic goodness and non-conceptual mind both on the meditation cushion and
in everyday life.

The retreat will use shamatha and vipashyana to look at the mind and sensory perceptions, with emphasis on direct personal experience. This introductory weekend retreat, suitable for both newer and advanced students, is modeled on the extensive mahamudra practice from the three-year retreat at Gampo Abbey.

There will be an overview talk on Friday evening. We will maintain silence,
but have an opportunity for discussion at the end of each day, and a
celebration at the conclusion on Sunday. Students who have not completed ST Level III may speak to a meditation instructor and apply to be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Acharya Richard John

An early student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Richard was appointed an acharya by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. A longtime friend of the Baltimore Shambhala Centre, he has for many years taught Shambhala Buddhist programs in North America, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Chile. After careers as a designer and a management consultant, he served as director of the Halifax Shambhala Centre. He completed the first three-year group retreat at Gampo Abbey, and he now teaches full time. Richard and his wife Liz reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Eric Laufe

Director of Practice and Education

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