Program Details

The Four Dignities

with James Drescher & Margaret Drescher
April 12 / 2:00 PM - April 14 / 6:00 PM

The Four Dignities describe how warriors develop insight and strength that enables them to further shed their cocoons and engage fully in the world. Understanding how the dignities unfold can inspire one's journey and enable one to discern, with awareness and delight, one's progress on the path.


Meek presents the grounded, humble, and gentle foundation of the warrior's journey. One trains to overcome arrogance and to develop friendliness toward oneself and others.


Perky focuses on cultivating sharp, vibrant, and uplifted energy through natural discipline. One's inherent inquisitiveness leads to further exploration that overcomes doubt and hesitation.

Outrageous and Inscrutable

These dignities describe how the warrior's skill develops as setting sun mentality completely falls away. Abandoning personal agendas, the outrageous warrior acts spontaneously and without strategy; as all sense of boundary and petty mind dissolves, the inscrutable warrior creates even greater benefit for others.


Prerequisite: is completion of Drala. Completion of this weekend is preparation for Golden Key. 

Financial aid is available for sacred path weekends.  Scholarship arrangements can be made by contacting the program coordinator Marcelle Gilkerson


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