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Way of Shambhala I - Contentment in Everyday Life

with Denise Wuensch
November 13 / 7:00 PM - December 11 / 9:00 PM

Please note the CIEL program prices above are suggested. We invite you to register for the program, participate, and as you can afford or are inspired, help offset the costs with a payment sometime during the program.

Although basic goodness is the ground, we experience discontentment and pain. In this course we learn why experience is often habitual and full of discontentment. We recognize this with gentleness, and settle into nowness with contentment and appreciation.

The Contentment in Everyday Life course is a thorough exploration of mindfulness meditation, delving into the foundational views of the Hinayana Buddhist teachings, and meditation in action for daily life. By acknowledging and understanding the reality of suffering we can open to our inherent goodness and express the qualities of gentleness, appreciation, and fearlessness in our everyday lives.

Each class includes meditation and/or contemplation, some social element, a presentation, and time for a discussion of how the material relates to our personal life.

There are NO prerequisites for this program. This is the second class in our core curriculum - the Way of Shambhala I, but it may also be taken independently. It is a wonderful introductory class.

For Way of Shambhala participants it is suggested to also take 'MEDITATION in Everyday Life' in order to begin to synchronize the Shambhala Training levels with the corresponding course. 'MEDITATION' ideally follows after Shambhala Training Level One, and 'CONTENTMENT' ideally follows after Level Two.

STAFFING: If you've completed Level III, we invite you to volunteer to help staff this program! It also is recommended [but not required] to have taken the Shambhala "View of staffing/coordinating" training. In Denver, this was held in April 2011 with Barbara Smith and in December 2011 with Michael Levy, but it has been offered at other Shambhala Centers, too. Until the coordinator is announced, the staffing contact is Jackie Roberts ( or sign up via SMCD's Volunteer webpage HERE.

About Denise Wuensch:
Information may be available soon.

Generosity Policy: Please contemplate how much you can offer and give more or the suggested amount above based on your individual circumstances. The suggested program price reflects our costs to offer the program. Our generosity policy supports individuals who have special circumstances and need to "pay-what-you-can" due to financial hardship. To take advantage of our generosity policy, please contact us in advance of this Program at: Thank you!


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