Program Details

Spring Dathün

with Cara Thornley
April 11 / 12:00 AM - May 10 / 12:00 AM

Dathün (Tibetan for "month session") is a one-month group meditation retreat, and one of the most important training programs in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. The program is for new and experienced meditators.  Spring Dathün focuses on shamatha or "peaceful abidiing" meditation. 

Our program will include individual meditation instruction,walking and guided meditation to deepen our practice, and contemplative meditation to develop insight and open the heart of compassion.  Some periods of silence and functional speech are observed. Meals are served oryoki-style, from the Zen monastic tradition. Each participant will regularly receive individual meditation instruction.

Participants may attend at minimum one week of the Dathün, called a Weekthün. If you have not previously attended a Dathün or Weekthün, we recommend you attend the first week of Dathün.

"It feels that my practice has taken on new meaning. After five years of practice, I feel like I'm starting fresh."

-2009 Winter Dathün participant

"I learned that there is a ton to learn."

-2009 Winter Dathün participant

Shrine room floor accommodations are included in the Dathün price.

Extended Stay

Program participants may extend their stay before and after an intensive group retreat at Karme Choling.

This option provides retreatants with a gentle transition between retreat time and daily life, offers additional practice time in a supportive environment, and provides opportunities to explore Karme Choling outside the rigorous schedule of a program.

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Special Youth Offer for Spring Dathun: For those who are under the age of 25 and cannot afford our regular rates, we are offering a Youth Special of $175 for a Weekthun, $325 for a Half Dathun, and $500 for the Full Dathun. These prices includes tuition, meals and shrineroom floor accommodations. To receive this special pricing please call and register by phone.

If you are able to pay our regular rates, or give more than the Youth Offer but less than our regular rates you are welcome to do so. Thank you for helping Karme Choling meet its operational costs for and supporting financial assistance for others.


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