Program Details

Regional Vajrayana Retreat

with Moh Hardin
February 18 / 9:00 AM - February 24 / 5:00 PM

This week long retreat is for Vajrayana practitioners in the Shambhala lineage. Please note that on Sunday, Feb 24th, from 2-5 will be a Werma Feast open to all Shambhala Vajrayana practitioners.


Contacting Energy Beyond Concept

The Vidyadhara’s thumbnail sketch of what is worked with in the three yanas is “self,” “other,” and “energy.” As tantrikas, we practice all three yanas simultaneously, and through the transmission and blessing of our teachers have the capability of contacting the energies of our world beyond our conceptual mind. This direct connection with the seamless web of reality beyond duality brings the notion of sacredness and power, enhances the journey, and is the continuity of tantra. This will be the focus of our discussions during the retreat.

In traditional vajrayana language and in the language of the Shambhala terma, there are many words that point to and describe this—ordinary mind, samaya, mandala, Great Eastern Sun, windhorse and authentic presence to mention a few. There are also instructions on how to manifest in the world through the Four Karmas and the Four Dignities. When are these different languages saying the same thing and when are there differences? Working with both could help illuminate our inheritance.


Daily Schedule:


9:00 AM Practice Session

NOON Lunch

1:30 PM Practice Session

4:00 PM Tea

4:30 PM Talk and Discussion

5:30 PM Closing Chants


Saturday (Feb. 23): the Sakyong is giving an online address for the Practice and Study Pillar at noon, so the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate this. 


Sunday (Feb. 24): we will have a regular morning session and close the retreat with a Werma feast at 2:00. This is Milarepa Day, so offerings of songs and dohas would be particularly timely.


During any practice session, you are welcome to do any practice you wish. Completing the entire retreat or participating in two full consecutive days counts towards the requirement of a month of group practice, in this case with an Acharya. 


Interviews with Acharya Hardin and Sangyum Grieve will be available during the retreat. Further information may follow concerning special sessions for those at various levels of practice, and some suggested readings.


Full Week: $300 (includes Werma Feast)

Daily: $50 (includes catered lunch)

Werma Feast: $15 (to register for Feast follow this link;


Please contact Florence Rice at with any financial questions or concerns.  For all other inquiries, please contact Lynette Melnar at

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