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Joy in Everyday Life NEW DATES!

with Patricia Ullman & Douglas Beall
May 9 / 7:00 PM - May 23 / 9:00 PM

The teachings of ‘Contentment in Everyday Life’ provided participants with a strong base of familiarity with mindfulness practice.  Like the tiger, we learn to meet our own emotions and thought patterns with gentleness, precision and kindness. 

In the next course, ‘Joy in Everyday Life,’ the meditation instruction is expanded to include our environment and sense perceptions.  We continue on our path to becoming ‘warriors in the world,’ developing more confidence and strength to be engaged with our lives without losing our sense of presence.  This increasing clarity brings a natural sense of joy and freedom, as well as compassion for others who all share this same good heart and awake mind.

This course teaches us practical methods to develop ongoing kindness toward ourselves and others. By training in virtue and compassion, we cultivate a gentle and fearless heart. With discipline, we discover joy.

Prerequisite: Contentment in Everyday Life

Please Note: This series consists of two Thursday evenings and one Saturday, rather than the usual five evening classes.

Patricia Hayward has been a senior teacher and meditation instructor in Shambhala for many years.  From 2000 to 2005 she was the Director of Practice and Education at Dechen Choling in France, and from 2005-2012 she was the Executive Director of Dorje Denma Ling in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.  In the 1990's, Pat was the Resident Director of Shambhala Training in Washington, DC, and was a founding member of that center in the mid-1970's.  Pat is a graduate of Dalhousie Law School in Halifax, and was a practicing member of the Nova Scotia Barrister's Society in the 1980's.  She has two grown children and currently lives in Halifax with her husband, Jeremy.

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