Program Details

Way of Shambhala 2 - Meek and Perky

with Frank Johns
November 30 / 7:00 PM - December 2 / 7:00 PM


The Sacred Path module is a series of advanced weekend retreats that follows completion of the Everyday Life Series and the Shambhala Training Levels I-V weekend retreats. The Sacred Path program is based on the unique inner teachings of Shambhala.

Meek and Perky
“The four dignities” are introduced as a path and a process, which describe a warrior’s maturing and widening sphere of benevolent engagement in the world. The training in the dignities allows one to maintain awareness and delight at each stage. Meek is a study of the grounded, humble and gentle beginning stages of a warrior’s journey. Here one trains to overcome arrogance—the primary obstacle to learning. Perky is the second of the four dignities and focuses on cultivating sharp, vibrant and uplifted energy through natural discipline. Overcoming the trap of doubt, the warrior of perky is able to accomplish his or her activities with a sense of nobility and ease.  Prerequisite: Drala


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